explore the forbidden


connect with yourself


release your inhibitions


We believe that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

We believe that sexuality is not to be a privatised subject hidden away behind closed doors but to be celebrated and openly communicated. In being open about talking about sensuality, sexuality and spirituality, we can learn from others and about ourselves. After all, conversations are at the heart of great relationships and when we listen deeply to another person, we often see a mirror into ourselves.

We believe that sexuality can be a deeply spiritual and connecting experience both physically and emotionally that allows you to own your desire and experience all the senses in a heightened state.

We believe that art and theatre have a valuable role to play in society to discuss and celebrate these fundamental themes in life.





what we do

unforbidden was conceived to create an interconnected community empowered to explore desires around sexuality, spirituality and sensuality.

We create safe, trusting and playful spaces to journey into curiosity, fantasy and adventure with like minded souls.

We use immersive theatre, inspirations from tantric practices, and multi-sensory experience to inspire deeper human connections and unlock self-expression.